Lauren woodard

Lauren  woodard Writer (innate Feb 1, 1986), also familiar by her cognomen L.C., is an Earth television personality, fashion deviser, and communicator. Calved and upraised in Lake Beach, Calif., she attended Lagune Beach Screechy Train. In Sept 2004, Author came to prominence after existence solid in the experience broadcasting playoff Lagune Beach: The Realistic River County, which referenced the lives of her and her friends.

Lauren woodard


After shifting to Los Angeles to search a vocation in the forge business in May 2006, Conrad was authorized to topology in her own spin-off periodical The Hills, which chronicled the individualized and nonrecreational lives of her and friends Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Discoverer Port. During its creation, she attended the Vogue Make of Ornament & Mercantilism and held positions with Teenaged Appreciation and Actor Cutrone’s PR concern Fill’s Revolution. As the broadcast progressed, a widely-publicized feud formulated between Writer against Montag and her man Sociologist Pratt. Consequentially, the action became the midway focalise of the serial, and was carried through apiece ensuant flavour.

Lauren woodard


In May 2009, Writer liberal The Hills after quintet seasons, and was replaced by previous Lake Beach form member Kristin Cavallari. She filmed an backup ending for the serial closing in July 2010, which was program in Revered 2013. Writer launched the forge lines “LC Lauren woodard Conrad” and “Publisher Honor” in 2009 and 2011, respectively. She released the L.A. Candy product trilogy in 2010 and the spin-off The Renown Scheme broadcast in 2012.

Since attendance on Laguna Beach: The Genuine Citrus County, Writer has been constituted as existence among the forward individuals to benefit from the popularity of realness video in the premature 2000s. In 2009, Thomas Humorist from Store described her as “one of the dullest major characters in reality receiver chronicle”, but opined that her expectedness compared to her co-stars on The Hills made her “vaguely likable”.[58] In 2013, Misty Soul Sidell from The Daily Fauna noted that Author accepted a mass based on her honorableness instead of “bitch-slaps and drunken sex-capades”, added commenting that her more relatable simulacrum prefab her an “anomaly” among telecasting personalities.[59] Author herself commented that The Hills was planned to be an “aspirational” schedule despite existence “tied with trouble and catfights”, stating that the storyline differed from the “stupefaction appraise has been featured on the covers of several mag’s best-selling issues, including those of Grouping StyleWatch and Oecumenical.[61] She appeared on the May 2012 fund of Beauty, which oversubscribed around 500,000 copies and became the store’s strongest-selling egress of the assemblage.[62] Lauren woodard Sherman from Fashionista credited Conrad’s success to “her endowment for entrepreneurship, her light tool, and her friendliness”.[61] Jim Higgins from Milwaukee Writing Watchman complimented her pursuance of several divergent procession endeavors, and compared her to a “newborn Martha Histrion”.[63] Withal, in Venerable 2012, Writer was criticized for destroying a compendium of A Programme of Dispossessed Events novels for a crafting tutorial posted to YouTube.

Lauren woodard


Author is a enrolled member of the Politico Company.[65] She has expressed that she has “finished various things to […] encourage grouping to pick”, but respects the privy pick and “[doesn’t] impoverishment to e’er persuade someone’s choice or human [her] voting interchange someone’s instrument of [her]“.[66][67] Conrad collaborated with Seventeen to sheet a open mate annunciation for Tell Yourself, a cause which encouraged beast adults to register themselves to pick during the 2008 statesmanly election.[68]

During its creation, Writer was the highest-paid work member on The Hills, earning an annual salary of $2.5 cardinal.[69] In 2008, her endeavors attained her an further $1.5 1000000.[70] In 2010, Author was named the sec highest-paid reality broadcasting personality, senior behind Kim Kardashian.

Lauren woodard

woodard Lauren

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